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The newest addition to our product line are our hand crafted cigar ashtrays. Crafted with the same attention to detail as our hand crafted humidors. Available in a multitude of wood species, and sizes to fit any need! ceramic base that is inset and elevated from the bottom to eliminate heat transfer to the table or surface the ashtray is sitting on.See our accessories page for pricing ,and we ship across Canada!



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Our Products:

hand crafted cigar humidors and accessories

Xikar is simply the best in cigar accessories. Xikar products are beautifully crafted and engineered to function flawlessly. Xikar backs their products with a lifetime warranty. 

At the Northern Humidor, we also carry a vast selection of manufactured humidors, from quality manufacturers.

Boveda two way humidity control is the easiest way to care for your prized cigar collection. We carry the full line of Boveda cigar care  products.

Quality custom cigar humidors made from North American hardwoods, and exotics, with solid Spanish cedar interiors, and high quality hardware. Hand crafted cigar humidors, and cigar accessories.