Purple heart , ebony, and walnut single cigar rests.


 Cigar Reserve cedar spills, a chemical free way to toast and light your favourite cigar. Available in 25 and 50 packs.

$12.50, and $24.00.

Single cigar rests, available in walnut, maple, ash, birch, and exotics such as padauk, ebony, and zebra wood.

 $8.00-$12.00 depending on species.

birds eye maple and purple heart cigar rest. $15.00.

Single cigar rest of hard maple and ebony, will hold even large ring guage cigars. $10.00.

Single arched cigar rest of purple heart, ebony , and walnut. holds even large ring guage cigars. $15.00

The Stinky cigar ashtray. 9 models available. $35.00 CAN

Polished 6 oz flask. $22.50 CAN

The Northern Humidor carries a wide variety of cigar accessories, including but not limited to handcrafted cigar rests,  ash trays , cigar cutters, lighters,cigar humidifiers, and hygrometers. Send us an email @sales@northernhumidor.ca, or give us a call @ 705-335-0672 if you would like information on any of these items, or if you just want to say hi.

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