Boveda hygrometer calibration kit. Place your hygrometer in the bag with the Boveda pack included, wait 24 hours and adjust you hygrometer.

$5.99 CAN

Boveda metal two pack holder. Perfect for keeping Boveda packs in your humidor. Attaches easily to the lid of the humidor.

$18.99 CAN

Boveda cedar holder. Perfect for keeping Boveda packs in your humidor, available in two or four pack configurations. Easily attaches to the lid of your humidor.

$22.99 CAN Two pack holder

$26.99 CAN Four pack holder

Boveda bulk brick , available in 64%-84% RH levels , packaged in bulk without individual wrap to save you money. Has a two year shelf life when in original packaging.

$80.00 CAN

Only Boveda responds to any ambient condition by adding or removing moisture as needed to regulate the pre-determined RH on the pack. No matter the day, season, conditions or location. Boveda is diligently working to ensure that your tobacco products are kept at the perfect moisture content, delivering a consistently exquisite experience every time. 

Only Boveda is trusted by the biggest brands in premium tobacco

The Northern Humidor. Cigar cutter, Cigar lighters.

Boveda individual wrapped packs, available in 64%-84% RH levels

$5.50 CAN each.